The Age of Customer Discovery: Crossing Silos to Deliver Success

by Marianne Sweeny
February 17, 2014

Are you tired of projects that go off the rails and into Crazytown because you did not know something critical going in?  Do cross-discipline projects become more of a Hunger Game than the collaboration to deliver a cohesive experience? Then Soft System UX Discovery is for you. In this presentation, I will explore the issues that bog down UX projects: tools thinking vs. design thinking, system focus vs. user focus. Next, I will explore Soft System Methodology (SSM). SSM was developed by computer scientist Peter Checkland in 1960 to integrate human factors into software design. The last section of the presentation will focus on SSM for UX with application of core SSM principles to real-world UX design projects. Application of this flexible discovery model to projects of any size or nature will achieve a shared vision of success and project clarity at the outset of the project instead of as it develops


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