The Team

Meet the organizational team behind UXconnect.

Kent State University

The User Experience Design program at Kent State University has been designed to prepare professional user experience designers to work in agencies and within organizations. Students are immersed in the following major components of the UXD field: information architecture, usability, content strategy, organization of information and user research. The 36-hour master’s degree program is offered entirely online to accommodate people who lead busy lives and have other commitments or obligations.  Courses are taken sequentially and are 7 weeks long, thereby allowing students to complete two courses per semester. Courses are offered in fall, spring and summer semesters and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. It is possible for sduents to complete the degree in two years.

David Robins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of User Experience Design
Kent State University

Robins, DaveDr. Robins holds a Ph.D. in Information Science from the University of North Texas.  His research foci are information architecture, visual explanations of complex constructs, and user interaction with information systems.  Much of his published work concerns users’ interaction with information seeking structures.  He has developed courses in information technologies, information architecture, and knowledge management, which integrate theory with real world application. Dr. Robins has given presentations in the U.S., Mexico and Denmark.

Information Architecture Institute

The Information Architecture Institute is a 501(c)6 professional organization, operated by a dedicated, multi-national group of people who are dedicated to promoting the concept, craft and community of information architecture. The IA Institute facilitates relationships for the people and groups they serve, such as

  • mentors/institutions and apprentices/students,
  • researchers and practicioners,
  • project teams and volunteers,
  • vendors and customers, and
  • workers/consultates and employers/clients

as well as work directly with business decision-makers and other organizations.

Bev Corwin
Information Architecture Institute and Enso Center for International Arts

Corwin, BevBev is an independent, international business consultant and President of Enso Company Ltd., a small consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington.

As a consultant, mentor, and advisor, Bev plays an active role in the development of global web applications, online learning, and international communications. She has worked in the areas of data center management, devops, managed services, global legal support services, aerospace, technology, international health, and language services. Bev excels in managing international communications, global events, and information systems. She has led teams for complex systems integrations, development, implementations, operations, technical trainings, evaluations of new technologies, and team building. Bev’s interests are in integrated information ecosystems, information architecture, analytics, simulation, and global communications technologies, especially with integrated social, learning, language, and knowledge systems.

Bev is a co-founder of the Information Architecture Institute. She consults for global non profit and for profit organizations, serves on advisory boards, volunteers for international humanitarian aid, education, and international arts organizations. Bev frequently travels for consulting engagements in USA and abroad.


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