UXconnect@Kent State is a speaker series presented jointly by the User Experience Design program at Kent State University and the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) to provide an open forum for ideas to be to share and discuss ideas among professionals and students in User Experience Design (UXD).

The main objectives are to provide educational content for the UXD program at KSU and provide a resource of ideas for the field of UXD.

Topical Scope (generally speaking):

• Information Architecture
• Content Strategy
• Usability
• User Research
• Information Technology related to UXD
• Project Management
• Interaction Design
• Entrepreneurship and UXD

UXconnect@Kent State is a regular and engaging series of professional speakers from the field of UXD. We’ll archive presentations and discussions with open, public access and the ability to add to discussions surrounding the presentations on both our blog and on YouTube.

Format and logistics:

• Sessions are held from noon – 1:00pm (EST/EDT) on the first and third Mondays of each month (excluding holidays)
• Sessions are divided into two parts: 30 minutes for the speaker’s presentation and 30 minutes for Q&A
• Sessions are conducted through a web conferencing tool, so speakers can present remotely
• Sessions will be recorded and posted to the UXconnect YouTube channel
• Viewers can watch sessions live or later at their convenience
• Comments and discussions can take place on either the UXconnect blog or the YouTube channel


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